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Giddy For Grits

For many American shoppers, grits is one of many southern staples that can easily be found at the store, and made for quick and convenient cookery. However, there is no dispute that the true grit flavor that the south has become so well known for, is more in depth than that which comes out ofContinue reading “Giddy For Grits”

The Great BBQ Brawl

The craze for Barbecue in America today is one that truly defines not just one area, but in fact, numerous regions from the East coast, spanning far into the West. However, have you ever thought about as to where this classic American staple originated from? Until recently, I hadn’t even thought about it myself. ConsideringContinue reading “The Great BBQ Brawl”

The Fried Food Fiasco

There are few specialties that embody the south like deep fried foods. While many people assume that deep fried chicken is the staple, the frying method was once used on nearly any produce or product you can imagine. While the process originally used boiling fat or lard for frying, the common practice in modern timeContinue reading “The Fried Food Fiasco”

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